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Internet 101: Introduction to the Internet

Course Outline

1. The Basics

* What is the Internet and why is it such a big deal?
* Who uses it?
* How does it work?
* Glossary of useful terms

2. Three Reasons to go Online

* Communication
o With nonprofit professionals
o With volunteers and staff within your organization
* Outreach -- Communication as Engagement
o How to reach new donors and volunteers
* Research -- A wealth of information at your fingertips (if you can find
it . . .)

3. Using the Internet: Tools and Methods

* eMail - mail delivered electronically over the Internet
o Getting started
o What's expected - the NETiquette of eMail
* Usenet Groups
o Noise to Signal issues
o Avoiding Flames
* Mailing Lists
* FTP and Archie
* Gopher
* Telnet
* World Wide Web:
o Starting to use the web
o FAQ on setting up a homepage

4. Focus: Using the Internet for Outreach

* How the Internet fits in to an overall outreach strategy
o Advertising, direct mail, PSA's and the Internet
* Outreach NETiquette -- the Do's and Don'ts of outreach

* Examples of Outreach by Nonprofits:
o Impact Online's site which connects people to volunteer
opportunities nationwide.
o Plugged In's use of eMail to solicit donations and support
o Cookin' on the Net, the first major on-line fundraising event that
links donors to nonprofits. All donors receive original recipes
from top chefs. Donors can get involved through the Web site or
through eMail.

5. Getting Hooked Up and Staying that Way: Time and Money issues

* Hardware and Software
* Staff Training
* Commitment -- know why you are going on-line and share it with others.
* Choosing an access provider
o Direct access providers
o Commercial services
o BBS's

6. Exploring the Internet

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